drafting-tableEven though there have been lots of innovations in computerized drafting, old drafting tables are still a favorite among many. Some designers, architects and graphic artists still prefer to use the traditional models. But who said only professionals can use these? As a matter of fact many collectors and enthusiasts get their hands on antique versions simply for both practical and decorative purposes. Not to mention, these can be quite affordable and unique, too.

Advanced technology has been replacing even the modern ones today. But thanks to some vendors and antique businesses, you’ll still be able to find that antique you’ve always wanted. They are great finds simply because they are unique treasures which can be used practically and passed down from generation to generation. Some of the very first were the Victorian ones. They were often fitted with brass hardware, meticulous in design and handcrafted from solid oak. As you can see, antique models are quite precious in this way.

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Whether you are a designer, architect, graphic artist, collector or an aspiring artist, old models are fine pieces of furniture to have around. They can be used for all kinds of purposes. Some people even use them as kitchen tables to match with their home’s traditional-style interiors. They can be placed by the wall near a bookshelf to convey that Old World look.

Now the thing with these is that you have to be very careful in choosing them. Yes, they will typically come with a cheap or discounted price, but since they are “old”, you will have to double-check on their quality. There are actually many that are still in good shape, but there are just a few things to consider. Just make sure the whole thing itself doesn’t wobble and that there aren’t any loose parts.

Another thing to keep in mind are the tops. These should be original, and not those that were just used to replace the old tops. It is important to find ones with their original tops because the new ones sometimes don’t quite fit. They can either be too light or too weighty and this can affect the way the whole unit is supported and kept intact.

Now you must consider where you are going to place yours. If you really would like to choose a very old, traditional style, make sure your flooring will be able to carry the typical heavy weight. Traditional ones may have all those beautiful carvings and metal hardware, but they are often very heavy and need better support.

So where can we find them? It might be quite difficult at first searching for these, mainly because all the new, modern ones are often advertised more. Old furniture is often second-hand and sold by small businesses, antique shops and previous owners. They can even be found at garage sales and flea markets. There are some pretty good sources, and these are GoAntiques.com and Ebay. There are those that cost a couple hundred dollars and others a bit more.

They have come a long way, and indeed had some interesting innovations even way before the 21st century. Many still come as adjustable when it comes to height and angle. If you are at a shop, try to test those. For instance, find out if the old ones are still able to tilt smoothly and at varying angles. Some old drafting tables will still even have a foot controlled peddle that adjusts the top. If you’re going to use it for more practical purposes than decorative ones, find one that has more features and functions.

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