drafting-tableAre you an artist, engineer, designer or architect in need of one but cannot afford one at the present time? Well, not to worry. You can rent or purchase a used drafting table for your home or office.

Hoppers Office & drafting Furniture has a number of used models which you can purchase. Priced at $350 and up, these have either been pre-owned or rented. The models available are Alvin, Mayline, Plan Hold, Hamilton, Safco, Mutoh and Martin Universal.

Another method to find an inexpensive one is to go onto craigslist. There are many for $200.00 and under, and all are in excellent condition. In addition, using craigslist affords you the opportunity to search nationwide and worldwide for the style of your choice.

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The third way is to go to ebay. You will be sure to find a good price by either the “buy it now” method, or bidding. Also check out ebay.ca, where there are more you can buy at auction as well.

You may also want to check your local newspapers to in the buy/sell section to ascertain if anyone is selling. Or, you can place an ad in your newspaper under “wanted to buy.”

Check your local office supply stores. Many of their furniture pieces are on display for months. This can be the opportunity to purchase at a bargain price. In fact, it may even be worth a trip to go to an artist’s store or check with architectural firms to determine if they are replacing their furniture with newer models. You can make an offer using this method as well.

Whether you check the online sources given here or your local newspapers and office supply stores, you are bound to find one utilizing any of the suggestions offered. If you have a friend or family member who works at a firm where they use these, you may want to inquire if they have any they may want to replace.

Note, however, that your best bet is craigslist. Researching for a used drafting table will take you to this site more often than not. Ensure that your communication with the seller involves notifying you of any defects, cracks, or other flaws it may have. Ask for additional pictures if necessary as well as a contact number. Payment should always be made via money order or cashier’s check.

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